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3.0 How to make a claim?


3.1   Claim for a Worker injured during and after working hours

  • The employer is required to report the accident to ACC within 5 days after the accident. However, we also strongly advised the victim or his/her representative to contact the employer and ACC Office urgently should an accident happen. Provided that all relevant documents completed, compensation for injury victim can be settled within 3 days.

3.2 Claim for a deceased worker govern by the Act

  • In the case of death of a worker, the employer is required to report the accident to ACC within 5 days after the accident. ACC strongly advised representative(s) of a decease victim to report the accident to the employer and ACC as soon as possible.
  • Compensation for fatal claims may be settled within 3 weeks provided that all relevant document are in placed.

3.3 Claim for a motor vehicle and sea-going vessel accident victims

  • Confirmation from the Ministry of Police of a motor vehicle or sea-going vessel accident is needed. Normally when such an accident is known to Police, they will report directly to ACC within 5 days of the accident. ACC strongly advised victims or their representatives to contact our Office as soon as possible.

3.4 Claim for a Specified Conveyance (Fishing Alias) fatal accident.

  • Fishing Alias claims can only be processed upon receiving a death certificate issued by the Ministry of Justice and Court Administration upon completion of their investigation into the cause of death of a victim.

3.5 Limitation of time for submitting claims

  •  No claim for conpensation shall be consider by the corporation unless the claim is made within ten years from the date of the accidents causing injury or death.




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