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The major objectives to realize our vision and mission are:
I. Safety
  To improve safety and accident prevention for workers in the workplace, at home, during sports and recreation and for any person(s) in the use of specified conveyances.
II. Rehabilitation
  To promote, improve and monitor well coordinated and vigorous programmes for medical and vocational rehabilitation of persons who become incapacitated as a result of personal injury by accident covered under the Act.
III. Compensation
  To ensure speedy settlement of all claims and timely payment of compensation to the injured and dependants of the deceased while at time of need.
IV. Supporting Services
  To improve capacity building of staff. To enhance and raised the standard of services to tenants and the general public.
V. Financial
  To improve internal control and computerized financial systems
To ensure timeliness and efficient production of financial report
To ensure the efficient and effective financial management of the Corporation’s Investments.


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