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Safety Promotion and Rehabilitation Division


The Division is under the administration of the Manager Safety Promotion and Rehabilitation who is directly responsible to the General Manager. Following is the division's structure.

Mandated Core Function:

Safety promotion and rehabilitation are mandated as some of the core functions of the Corporation in the Accident Compensation Act 1989

What We Do:

The Safety Promotion and Rehabilitation Division is responsible for the  promotion of workers' safety in workplaces and any other environmental setting such as at home, sports, recreation and etc; and for the general public's safety  in the use of specified conveyances namely any type of motor vehicle on roads and any sea going vessel propelled by an engine; and for the medical and vocational rehabilitation of persons who become incapacitated as result of personal injury accidents covered in the accident compensation scheme. These are specified below:

a)    Safety Promotion

  • Collection of safety driven data whenever an accident takes place.
  • Upkeep and maintennance of the accident database through daily entry, cleansing and updating of data collected.
  • Ongoing analysis of data to ensure reliable accident information is readily available.
  • Sponsoring and/or funding safety efforts by other relevant stakeholders.
  • Initiate, support and assist other relevant stakeholders in facilitating safety workshops and seminars.

b)    Rehabilitation

  • Referral of all accident victims for medical rehabilitation to facilitate and speed up the injury healing process.
  • Referral of accident victims with likelihood of permanent disabilities for assessment to determine and ensure appropriate and timely provision of rehabilitation treatment and/or artificial aids needed.
  • Procure, stock and supply artificial aids/prosthesis for rehabilitation of victims with permanent disabilities.
  • Negotiate and provide vocational rehabilitation for accident victims under long term rehabilitation, who need proper assessment for placement in appropriate employment suited to their disabilities.
  • Regular visitations of victims under long term rehabilitation for follow-ups of any further rehabilitation needs, and repair or replacement of artificial aids already provided.

 Our Aim

In terms of safety promotion, our aim is to reduce the incidence and severity of personal injury accidents and the resultant costs through compensations; and to develop a safety culture amongst our population in the areas of accidents covered under the compensation scheme.

With regards to rehabilitation, our aim is to facilitate and speed up the injury healing process for early return of accident victims to their pre-accident condition and keep to the minimum the number of victims suffering from permanent disabilities. 

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Improving our service:

You can help us improve our service by giving feedback. We are aware that good customer service involved good interpersonal interactions, adequate provision of information and availability of timely and quality service.

We prefer that you notify us beforehand (or make appointments) when arranging for our services and that you respect our staff as they work to serve you. You are encouraged to inform us if you feel that we are not upholding our values, principles and standards in serving you.

Our obligations to our customers/clients include provision of timely and acceptable services; fairness; courtesy and respect for all our customers.

To each other as employees, we are obliged to uphold collective responsibility; promote teamwork; respect one another; be honest and reliable; provide accurate information promptly and uphold the need to know principle when handling classified information.

We expect our customers to be courteous and respectful to our officers; provide timely and accurate information on request and refrain from seeking preferential treatment.

Procedure if dissatisfied with our services

Any person who is dissatisfied with our services is asked to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Corporation at Level 5, ACC Building at Matafele or contact telephone 23100, Fax 23912. Such complaints can be lodge either verbally or in writing. The Corporation will try to resolve such complaints as soon as possible and advise the complainant accordingly.




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