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Investigation Division


The Division is under the guidance of the Manager Investigation and directly responsible to the General Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receive and register all claims
  • Investigate and conduct interview of claimants, dependants of deceased persons or a representative of a victim
  • Advise claimants about the Act and its applications
  • Prepare submissions for the General Manager
  • Prepare payment of entitlements and withdrawals from Trust Funds
  • Follow-up of claims on hand
  • Prepare submissions for closure of claims
  • Update records

Accident Covered Under the Scheme

  • Work related accidents
  • Workers injured after working hours
  • Specified conveyance accident victims
  • Non-workers injured by the use of specified conveyance
  • Special payment upon death of a worker without accident or injury 

Accident Not Covered

  • Self inflicted injuries, suicide and injury suffered in the course of committing any criminal offence.

Weekly compensation

  • For temporary incapacity resulting in loss of earnings, the weekly payment of compensation shall be an amount equal to 70 percent of the person relevant earnings;
  • In no case shall compensation exceed $1000 per week
  • Maximum period of payment of compensation for incapacity resulting in economic loss is 5 years
  • ACC is not liable to pay compensation for an injury which does not incapacitated a person from work for at least 5 consecutive days (date of the accident and next 4 days following)
  • No accounts shall be taken of overtime, or benefits to cover any special expenses imposed due to nature of employment when calculating the weekly relevant earnings

Permanent Injury
Where loss of any part of the body or impairment of bodily functions will result from injury, ACC shall pay to the victim compensation for permanent injury as proposed herewith:

  • Where the loss or impairment is less than 80 percent of total bodily functions, payment shall be made in lump sum but not exeeding $8,000.00 
  • Where loss or impairment is 80 percent or more, payment shall be made for the person’s lifetime or until the person is fully or substantially recovered. The amount paid shall not exceed $1000 per week

If the deceased person leaves any total dependant(s) or partial dependant(s) or both, who were dependent on the deceased at the time of the accidents a lump sum death of $20,000 is payable

If the deceased person leaves dependant(s) who were partially dependants at the date of the accidents, a sum not exceeding $16,000 shall be paid to the dependant(s) as the Corporation shall determine

Weekly Death Compensation
Where the deceased person was a worker at the date of the accident, the total dependants or partial dependants shall be paid weekly compensation at the rate of 70 percent of the deceased relevant earnings but not exceeding $1,000.00 per week. Payment is for 5 years or less if status of dependency had altered.

The Accident Compensation Corporation shall determine as to whom and what proportion weekly compensation shall be paid based on conditions or criteria stipulated.

Funeral Expenses
A sum of $4,000 is payable by way of a funeral grant. ACC will determine (based on certain criterias) the person or persons whom such grant is to be paid.

Surviving spouse of the deceased person to be given preference followed by parents of the deceased.

Medical Expenses
Reasonable medical expenses incurred in respect of first aid, maintenance as a patient in any hospital and physiotherapy are payable.

Provision of Artificial Aid or Limb
Provision of any artificial limb or aid for that person becomes in the opinion of the Board necessary of desirable, its repair and renewable but not exceeding $150,000.

Treatment Overseas
Where the Board is of the opinion that treatment or rehabilitation training is not available in Samoa but overseas and would be of substantial benefit to the injured person, it may contribute to the cost but not exceeding $150,000 tala.

Procedure for filing and handling a claim

  • First notify someone about your accident. If its work related, inform your employer or a fellow worker, if not identify an eye witness or notify a relative. If it’s a specify conveyance accident, notify the Police immediately. The Police and employer are obligated to report the accidents to the ACC within 5days.
  • Seek medical attention immediately after the accident and obtain a medical certificate from the medical practitioner
  • On receipt of the accident report, the Corporation will then undertake investigation and communication with you
  • Once all documents required (e.g., accident report, medical report, employer confirmation, police report and or death certificate etc) are received and all investigation completed, the claim will then be considered and advice you as soon as possible of the outcome.

Right of Appeal

  • Any person who is dissatisfied of a decision by ACC has the right to appeal against such decision to the ACC Board of Directors
  • If the appellant after having received the appeal decision by the Board is still dissatisfied, he can lodge an appeal to the Supreme Court in respect of that decision on a question of law only.




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