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Administration Division


The Division is managed by the Manager Administration directly responsible to the General Manager for the daily operation of the Division (see structure of the Division).

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In general the Division is responsible to provide supporting services to facilitate the operation of the Corporation and securing the human resources as well as maintenance of an efficient and effective framework and the efficient use of available resources.

Functions and Duties

  • Select and recruit personnel
  • Job evaluation, appraise staff performance and job training
  • Review staff conditions and update leave entitlements
  • Review organizational structure as it deems fit
  • Coordinate the preparation of the corporate plan
  • Coordinate and follow- up the implementation of the corporate plan
  • Manage and facilitate the maintenance of machines, tools, vehicles etc
  • Administer/managed the operation and maintenance of the ACC Building and the Food and Produce market
  • Assist and support other Divisions for the effective and efficient performance of their duties and responsibilities
  • Maintain staff records and attendance book

The Division is also responsible for managing the operation and maintenance of the ACC five storey building at Matafele and the Food and Produce Market at Fugalei. Although these establishments are not mandated in the Act, it now  crucially assist the business community, other Government Ministries, farmers and producers as well as the general entrepreneurs for a rented place to operate in offering goods and services to the general public.

The Food and Produce Market at Fugalei

Following the closure of the Food and Produce market at Savalalo (in the mid 90s) banning the trading of agricultural produces, Government (through the financial support of ACC) built and operate a new food and produce market at Fugalei where local farmers come to sell their produces on a daily basis. Small shops offering a variety of goods and services surround the main building as well as the peripheral boundary of the market. In addition, other valuable and essential services now operate in the market including branches of two commercial banks, the Electric Power Corporation and the Samoa Water Authority as well as cellular and photography shops. All these services are now easily accessible by the general public.

Initially priority for the larger portion of the main building was for farmers to sell their agricultural produces as well as the immediate spaces outside of the main building. It later accommodates other vendors such as flea markets, handicrafts and food-stalls operators as the demand for more spaces from them is quite substantial. Furthermore, it was based on the understanding that most farmers only come to the market ones or twice a week so there are more vacant spaces which often leads to very low revenue collection. Having said this there are still abundant of spaces in the market specifically allocated for farmers to operate.

ACC is committed to improve the standard of services offered by progressively developed the market place so that producers and buyers, tenants and customers as well as the general public appreciate the facilities and the business environment they operate. We offered very low rental rates despite being located in one of the higher marketable place of the Apia Town Area.

Some of the developments taking place or already completed include building new shops with higher foundations to avoid flooding (the Fugalei area is the lowest part of the Apia Town Area and it tends to flood very easily), develop proper drainage systems, lay concrete blocks in open areas for local producers to sell their agricultural produces (in particular root crops, bananas & coconuts) and purchased of a new land for further market developments. 

ACC Five Storey Building

The new five storey building is one of the major investments completed and rented out to the business community and a number of Government Ministries since the middle of the year 2000. Although it is not in the mandate to operate as a business venture, the rapid changes that we have experienced such as the rapid changes information technology convey, high cost of goods and services, soaring fuel cost and numerous changes to the environment we live in due to changes in weather patterns and global warming as well as competition from the private sector may initiate in the future. These issues affect us in one way or the other so we must be prepared for the worst to come. Investment such as this one can assist us financially during times of need. It certainly helped our mandated compensation scheme and other financial assistance ACC need to pay. As times ahead seems to be continually changing basically due to reasons mention before or other unforeseen conditions, ACC will continue to look for more investment opportunities as we may not able to depend solely on the mandated levies to survive in the long run and especially when such major accident caused injury or fatal involving many people.

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